About Muncie Sailing Club

Map of Prairie CreekMuncie Sailing Club Sign

Muncie Sailing Club is located on Prairie Creek Lake, a reservoir south of Muncie, IN. The Club was founded in 1961 to promote sailing on Prairie Creek Lake by providing facilities for launching and mooring sail boats, social and racing programs for members, and programs of instruction for various groups. Since 1961 MSC has grown to provide over 70 in-water slips and over 60 dry-sail spaces. The Club has evolved into a high quality sailing facility thanks to the generosity of many individual sailors who continue to donate their talent and labor to the Club. A club house, deck, picnic shelter, a day sailer, and a catamaran are available for all members to use.

Muncie Sailing Club Administration

The Club is administered by a 15-member Board of Directors. Directors serve a three-year term. Each year five new directors are elected to replace 5 whose terms are ending.

All members are expected to donate time and talent towards the operation and maintenance of the Club. In this way the cost of membership is kept as low as possible.

Prairie Creek Lake History

Prairie Creek Lake is a reservoir. Construction of the reservoir began in 1954. The City of Muncie leases the land around Prairie Creek from the Indiana-American Water Co. and has subleased the harbor, land, and club house to Muncie Sailing Club for a sailing area on Prairie Creek. Under the terms of the agreement, Muncie Park Department provides basic services such as lawn mowing, trash removal, picnic equipment and police protection, as well as other services they would supply to the rest of the Lake and Park while Sailing Club is responsible for all additional development and maintenance of facilities to  provide a quality sailing club on Prairie Creek.