Rules, Concerns, and Courtesies

Muncie Sailing Club STANDING RULES

 adopted by the MSC Board, October 12, 2016.

Amended February 2018





  • Volunteer.  The club is run by volunteers.  If you have a question, just ask. Members generally do not want to intrude, but are very willing to provide assistance or advice on request. If they don’t know the answer, they can usually refer you to someone who does.  The club house and facilities are here for the entire Membership. If you see something that needs to be done, feel free to pitch in and make the club a better place for everyone.
  • Club house. The club house, shelter and deck can be reserved for a member’s private party. To reserve a space, if it is not already reserved, add it to the posted social calendar (on the bulletin board by the club house restrooms), include your name and phone number, and the hours you will be using which part of the MSC property.  Just remember, club members are still allowed to use the facilities.  Always lock up when finished.
  • Grilling. Grilling tools are kept in the first locker in the house lower level for club members use. Be sure to clean and put them away once you are finished. Grills should be kept secured in the storage building (garage/deck) adjacent to clubhouse when not in use. After using a gas grill, be sure the gas cylinder is turned off before returning the grill to the outside storage building. After using a charcoal grill, remove ashes and be sure ashes and any unburned charcoal residue have been completely extinguished and properly disposed of before storing the grill. Propane gas cylinders for Club or personal grilling equipment must be stored in outside storage building and never inside the clubhouse. Grilling on the docks or on boats tied to MSC docks is prohibited.
  • Dogs. Dogs must be on a leash and under control at all times while on the club property. Dogs are not permitted in the clubhouse or in the screened porch at any time.  Please remove waste left by pets.
  • Children must be supervised at all times and wear a PFD when near and around water.
  • First aid kits. First aid kits are located in the club house in the closet closest to the main door and in the dock house in the cabinet just inside the door on the left.
  • Lockers may be available in the lower level of the club house and in the dock house. The rental fee is $5 per year.
  • Ice program. Ice is available for a fee for the season. Once you pay for the ice program, you are given the combination to the ice chest located in the lower level of the club house.
  • Spigot and electrical outlets. Water spigots and electrical outlets are located on the hill by the dry sail boat parking area, the Club house basement entrance and the Shelter House.  These can be used for washing boats or filling water tanks. Members should bring their own hose and power washer.
  • Waste. The waste drain is located outside the lower level of the club house for porta-potty disposal.  Do not dispose of waste in the rest rooms.   To help with pumping out waste from a holding tank mounted inside your boat, a barrel and pump are located in the dock house attached to a dolly. Request assistance from a board of director who will steer you to the proper person to orientate you to the use of this equipment.
  • Alcoholic beverages. The Muncie Sailing Club will never furnish alcoholic beverages.
  • Flagship directory of membership. If you change your email address, or other information, send the revisions to the Secretary-Treasurer and the Commodore.
  • Website. The website is found at com.  For the “Members Only” portion of the website, the Password is the 4-digit MSC door and lock Passcode which changes every season, and is written on the back of your current Membership Card.
  • S.S.A.  Members can log into the U.S.S.A. website using the membership number as your user name and password.  The number is located on your membership card.
  • Facebook. Like us on the community group and ask to join the closed group.
  • Shutterfly. Shutterfly can be reached from link on the website. It has our social calendar which can be downloaded and members may add events and photos which you may download for free or purchase from Shutterfly.  You must register and login to be able to add tags and/or edit the calendar.
  • Guests.  Guests of members are allowed only when the member is present. Adult (non-dependent) children of members are categorized as guests. Guests cannot bring their own boats without prior Board approval, and all applicable City fees must be paid.  If approved, such a guest with a boat must adhere to the same rules as Transient MSC Guests.  Members shall not share lock combination with guests.




  • Dock House. The dock house is for social and harbormaster use.  It must be kept clean and orderly, and is not for storage of personal equipment, unless approved by the Harbormaster.  All personal items must be removed two weeks prior to Fall Dock Days.

No Fishing.   Fishing is NOT is allowed from the docks or seawall or anywhere on Club property.

  • Handicapped parking spaces are located near the dock house that may be used by vehicles with a handicapped tag/license plate.  Unattended parking in the lower Dry Sail Area is not allowed, except in the designated Handicapped Spaces.   Loading and unloading is permitted, but refrain from parking next to the seawall. Vehicles should then be immediately removed to the upper parking areas.  Passengers with difficulty walking from the parking area, may be dropped off at the docks and the car then moved to the upper parking area.
  • Empty Boat Trailers  In the Spring remove empty trailers within one week from club parking lot or Dry Sail Area if storing your boat in a slip, on the Beach, Hobie Shack Area or on a dolly.
  • Boats with Trailers. During the season you may take your boat out of the water and park on a trailer in upper parking for a limited time with permission from harbormaster.
  • Padlocks. Scramble the padlocks immediately after opening the lock. Scrambling after opening a lock reduces the probability of outsiders learning the lock combinations.
  • Docks. Docks are labeled in alphabetical order starting with A dock being closest to the road.    A, B, and C docks are for boats with in-water slip assignments.   D dock is primarily for day sailors. It serves for loading, boarding and prepping these boats. Members whose boats are in A/B/C dock slips may briefly use D dock for boarding purposes. The two docks on either side of the launch ramp are E and F docks. They can be used for loading and unloading, and rest room breaks. Boats should remain there only for short periods of time.
  • Launching. Launching of small craft shall use these areas:  Hobie Shack area, Ramp, Beach, or D. dock.  Use of docks with paid slips to launch small craft is forbidden due to the safety issue of sailing vessels having limited sight.
  • Never board. Never board another member’s boat without permission unless boats or docks are in danger of being damaged. If you have to board another member’s boat, notify the boat owner as soon as possible and explain the situation.
  • Powerboats, other than the Club boats, are not allowed at the docks. Launching of powerboats, even by Club members, is not permitted from the Club ramp.
  • MSC-owned boats. MSC sailboats are available for members only.  Maintenance and repairs for the boats are done by volunteers.  Care for them as you would your own. The picket boat is available for emergencies and for setting up slips and removing lines from stern poles at the end of the season.  The pontoon boat is a club workboat and is also used by the racing program. Leave the boat properly secured after use.  The key for this boat is hanging above the workbench in the dock house; please return the key to this location after use.  Care for the picket boat and pontoon boat as you would your own; these boats are not for recreational use. The picket boat has starting instructions requiring warm up of motor for five minutes.




  • 3 Club Boats (2018) Sunfish, Oday, and Alcort Puffer


  • Only Adult Members. Only adult members may check out club boats. Each person must read the waiver of liability before the first time use each year. The waiver is located on the clip board with log book attached.
  • Log book. Please record your name and date of use of boats and record any difficulties experienced. The waiver is considered signed when you record use in log book.
  • Rigging. All club boats must be properly rigged before use and properly de-rigged after use. New skippers who are unsure of proper rigging and de-rigging procedure should request assistance from a more experienced skipper.
  • Switching equipment or rigging among club boats or between a club boat and a private boat is not permitted except by Boats and Motors or his/her designate.
  • A club sailboat is properly de-rigged and secured when:
  • Trailer supports the bow and stern. Trailer is secured to tie downs and boat tied to trailer.
  • The boat is drained and the inside bottom of the hull has been rinsed with water and the drain in the transom has been opened to permit drainage of rainwater.
  • Buoyancy tank vents/drains are left open.
  • The boom, bailer and paddle are left on board, or for Sunfish the boom, mast, and sail are stored in the proper location.
  • The mainsail and jib are folded to club specifications and stowed in the proper sail bag.
  • The sail bag, rudder/tiller, dagger board and life jackets/PFDs are put away in the dock house in their proper location.
  • Report Defects. Defects should be reported in the Boat use and maintenance logbook.   (Logbook is on the clip board in Dock House Rudder/tiller Sail area) However, skippers are expected to carry out minor repairs whenever the need is found.
  • Report Damage. All damage to club boats or loss of equipment must be reported in the boat maintenance logbook. Damage or equipment loss that is serious enough to prevent a club boat from being used must be reported to Boats and Motors as soon as possible. The skipper should complete an Incident Report Form in Boat Use logbook.
  • Beach area and Fire Pit (west of the Lighthouse). The drive next to the Lighthouse is intended for loading and unloading purposes, and for vehicles and trailers using the launch ramp.
  • Dock Day Credits and Dates. Dock day credits and dates are published on the Club website calendar and in the Flagship
  • Launching and Mooring. Launching and mooring are allowed after the docks have been installed and the Harbormaster has issued the dock assignments. However, each member should use extreme caution if planning an early boat launch. Spring storms can be very destructive. It is recommended to wait until May before considering a launch.
  • In-Water Slip AssignmentsThe complete “Dock and Buoy Mooring Assignment” (DBMA) policy can be found in the Muncie Sailing Club Handbook. The following is a digest of the policy as it pertains to in-water slips. The final authority is the policy in the Handbook.
  • In-water slip assignments are made in the following order, based on continuous club seniority:
  1. To members assigned an in-water slip the prior year. (For exceptions such as forfeiture or requested year off see the DBMA policy).
  2. To members who did not have an in-water slip the prior year, by seniority if more than one request
  3. To new members residing within Delaware, Blackford, Jay, Grant, Randolph, Henry, Wayne or Madison County, by order of acceptance of membership application.
  4. To new members residing elsewhere, by order of acceptance of membership application.
  • All efforts are made to assign the same slip as the prior year unless a member has requested a change.
  • Requests to change slips will be processed by member seniority. A member cannot bump another member.
  • The particular mix of boats for the season may necessitate a change for the overall safety of the boats and dock system. The Dock assignment committee has the authority to request such changes and will contact the member to explain the reason. The member may appeal the change or choose from available options.
  • Member Boat & Property Rules. Boats moored at the docks shall not exceed 27 ft. L.O.A., 9 ft. 4 in. beam and 5000 lb. displacement. Any exception to these specifications requires prior Board approval. Boats assigned a slip must be in by July 15 or the space is forfeited, unless the Harbormaster has given permission for a later launching.   Three days prior to Fall Dock Days all boats, lines, padding, and bumpers must be removed from slips and from the lower dry sail area. All boats must be removed from MSC property two days prior to Fall Dock Days.  Failure to comply with this requirement shall result in removal of your boat at the discretion of the MSC Board of Directors.


FEES         Subject to change check website application for current fees

                  (City fees not included)

$170          New Member Initiation Fee

$295          Annual Membership – Due March 15 for renewing members

$25            Late fee for membership renewals received March 16 – April 15

$75            Late fee for membership renewals received after April 15

$59            Fall Membership – available after Labor Day

$5              Annual Locker Fee

$25            Annual Ice Program membership

$300          “B-Dock” Slip Fee – first 3 years (See “B-Dock” Fee below – Due March 15th

$7.50         Daily fee for Transient Guests (days 2 to 14) (See “Transient Guest Procedures”)


$25            Materials not removed in a timely manner (See “Member Boat & Property Rules”)

$20            Weekly fine for boats or trailers left on property after seven days (See “parking areas”)


  • “B-Dock” Fee

Members who opt to be on “B-Dock” must pay a $300 slip fee each year for the first three years they have a slip on the dock. This fee is due March 15th along with your membership and city fees. After paying a total of $900 a member does not need to pay an additional “B-Dock” fee for the right to a slip on B dock. This fee is a per membership fee, not a per slip fee. All members who opt for a slip on “B-Dock” at any time in the future are subject to the same series of three $300 payments.  This fee is in addition to club and city fees which are due March 15.




  • Transient Guests. A transient guest is an individual (or individuals) temporarily in the Muncie Sailing Club area with a sailboat which they want to park at and launch from the Club facilities for personal recreational purposes. In order to promote sailing and to meet the reciprocal access expectations of U.S.S.A. The Muncie Sailing Club will host transient guests. Such guests must show respect for the club facilities and not interfere with access by Club members.
  • Transient Guest Procedures. Board officers, Harbormaster, and Assistant Harbormaster have the authority to approve transient guests and should make arrangements for payment of fees to the Treasurer.  There is no charge for the first two days. Additional days, up to the 14 day maximum, require payment of a daily fee of $7.50.  Transient guests are responsible for contacting the City Parks office and paying the required City fees. The Park office is located at the Public Ramp.
  • Submit Application. Transient guests must submit an Application for Membership form with only the top section completed with their contact information. The dates for guest status should be noted on the form. If a Transient Guest wishes to utilize club facilities beyond 14 days per season, s/he must apply for MSC membership and pay the new-member fee, dues, and appropriate City fees.  All club rules apply.



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